Maximal Minimalism - The Story Behind The Design

I once heard Daft Punk describing music production as “A process of elimination.” Lately i have been realizing how true this is. The more clutter removed, the more substance remains.

The Wintergatan Minimalistic Logo tee and Hoodie takes this design approach to the max. Boiling down something to the bare minimum is not a simple process, as the famous quote goes:

“Apologies for the long letter. If I had more time, I would have written a shorter one.”

On the Marble Machine X design, I failed to remove clutter, and the machine failed. On the new Marble Machine X-T, simplifying is key to success.

In the Wintergatan Minimalistic Tee/Hoodie, I see a minimalistic, form-from-function, design language that points out a path forward for all upcoming projects. Less, is truly more.

The Process

The first version of the Design was created and submitted to us by Sono Design Studio.
Originally it included one gear on the front and Wilson plus another gear on the back.


I immediately fell in love with the font and the spacing of the Wintergatan letters, I tried removing the gear from the front and the minimalistic logo remained.

Starting with a beautiful design from Sono and applying Daft Punks process of elimination on it led to the creation of the official Wintergatan logo.

A big Thank You to Sono Design studio for submitting this wonderful design.

Sono is a creative studio based in Adelaide, Australia.
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Third Time’s The Charm

The Marble Machine X-T marks the beginning of a new chapter in the Marble Machine saga. . To celebrate the occasion we have curated a collection of 4 designs that tells the story about trying, failing and trying again.

Wearing these designs on your own journey gives you god-level dedication and the ability to never give up.