Blood Sweat Gears - The Story Behind The Design

The first time I saw "Blood Sweat Gears," I couldn't believe my eyes.
I was surprised that the simple switching of one letter managed to sum up the Marble Machine Saga perfectly. The design submitted by Tom Pryce was straight to the point, no-nonsense brilliancy.

I tried making a minimalistic version with bold capital letters.

Chris tried a fast render with a similar bold logo.

Something was missing so i tried a fast sketch with Wilson.

Like a thunderbolt from a clear sky Hannes 3000 entered the chat with a legendary suggestion.

I Tried several iterations.

At this time it definitely felt like we had something going but the execution was still lacking. This is when Chris came in and took up the torch, Chris replaced the Gotham Font and used the Cocomat pro font instead, the same font used in the Wintergatan Logo. This gave the design a much more coherent and stylish look. Chris also made nicer looking Wilsons and this move sealed the deal on the design.

From the beginning there was this other design that we always liked very much Submitted by Davasto89.

We asked Davasto89 if it would be possible to combine the two ideas and Davasto came up with a perfect iteration that we offer as a kids t-shirt.

Thanks to Tom Pryce for the Magic Wordsmithing, Davasto89 for the happy vibes design and to Hannes and Chris for coming up with the ideas that executed this design.

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Third Time’s The Charm

The Marble Machine X-T marks the beginning of a new chapter in the Marble Machine saga. . To celebrate the occasion we have curated a collection of 4 designs that tells the story about trying, failing and trying again.

Wearing these designs on your own journey gives you god-level dedication and the ability to never give up.