Third Times The Charm / Marble Machine X-T and Crowdfunding Closure

Dear Wintergatan Patrons, Youtube Members, and blog visitors,

During the last two months, I've been doing digital design on the "secret" project. It's been so much fun. Generally, I think any use of teaser images should be strictly outlawed and promptly punished, but, as i can´t help myself I´ll plead guilty to the crime and share one anyway:

The box containing the prototype from Florian

When designing for this project, I realized how much I had learned about the cadding process compared to when I first created the MMX. It made me think deeper about designing a third Marble Machine, The Marble Machine X-T, "T" for Tour.

I got many ideas for how to design a simpler, functional Machine, and I can't stop thinking about it. I have heard that when you build your third house, you get it right. I think the same goes for Marble Machines.

My next project will be designing the MMX-T digitally from scratch. Upon design completion, it will be manufactured and assembled by professionals. The design work will be live-streamed on the youtube channel. As you can see by the first sketch, i have it all completely figured out already:

Crowdfunding Closure

I have decided to close down the Patreon Page and the Wintergatan Youtube Memberships by December 2021.

Thanks to your support, I now have everything I need to succeed with the Marble Machine X-T. Thank you!

Failing repeatedly in public with the Marble Machine X has been awkward at times. The feeling of over-promising and under-delivering has been quite present. With the MMX-T, I want to manage expectations and avoid over-promising at all costs. I do know the generous response and objections that most crowdfunders have when i describe the Marble Machine X as a failure, and you are all correct. Its not a complete failure. What i have learned in the MMX process is the necessary foundation for the success of MMX-T. However, with my new understanding of how difficult it is to build a functional Marble Machine, taking all the risk of the MMX-T project on my own shoulders feels like the right thing to do.

We have plans for the Marble Machine X. Someone will complete it somehow, somewhere. The MMX saga is not over, but for now i need to follow the irresistible voices of the MMX-T Sirens.

If its hard to understand this decision let me provide some context: The MMX looks like it is almost working, but it isn´t. The over-complex flawed design makes the whole machine practically unusable. I now have the choice between keeping patching up flaws, or turn a page and design a machine which can be 10X improved in every aspect. I have decided that leapfrogging the process is the responsible way forward. It took quite some time for this decision to materialize but now when it has, i know it is it 100% correct.

New Design Collection

In a video from last year I announced a T-shirt design challenge. We have finally been able to execute on that project, and we have collaborated with some of the designers and are proud to present four brand new designs here.

The design collection is curated around the theme of trying, failing, and trying again. Perfectly timed to the beginning of the MMX-T Project 🤗


There are 1300+ VIP tickets approved!

If you are building up towards a VIP ticket and the closing down of the patron/YT Memberships makes it impossible, we would like to help you out:  
Please get in touch with for information on how to proceed.

Web 3

[EDIT] After reading some comments I realize that there are very many different definitions of the term web 3 and that people have negative associations with it. Let me share my definition to communicate what I mean: In Web 2, the control is centralized to a few major platforms. Web 3 will enable everyone to interact with each other peer to peer, without passing up too much control over these interactions to platforms like for example Facebook. All technologies will be used both for good and for bad. From my viewpoint, I think web 3 could be a positive force for culture. [END OF EDIT]

Web 1 (1989-1999) = read
Web 2 (1999-2020) = read/write
Web 3 (2020 - now) = read/write/own

I am optimistic about the future form of the internet, Web 3.
Web 3 will allow permissionless value sharing between individuals without involvement from intermediate gatekeepers. The major web 2 platforms we are currently using turn inhabitants into renters, like in a feudal system. Web 3 will allow individual sovereignty. The value generated by creative communities will be shared amongst the participants instead of going to third parties. 

The decision to close down Patreon and YouTube Memberships was not directly caused by the imminent transition to Web 3 but is perfectly aligned with this exciting future.

Thank you

Thank you for everything you have done for the Marble Machine Project.
I am looking forward to showing you my ideas for the MMX-T, with less dumb design requirements 🤦

You are the best. Happy holidays, see you in the live streams!