We asked the Wintergatan Community for design suggestions incorporating Wilson and the Angle Grinder and we received over 300 top quality submissions. Thank you to everyone participating. These are the ones that made it all the way to a shirt:

Design by Sono Design Studio, in collaboration with Wintergatan.

About Sono:
Sono is a creative studio based in Adelaide, Australia. We create brand-driven graphic design, advertising, and digital experiences to build our clients' awareness.
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Design by Manu Prosser in collaboration with Wintergatan.
Logo by Sono Design Studio.
Design by "Be Human Design".
"Be Human Design" is a design and illustrations studio consisting of artists Hsiang-Ying Chen and Ying-Hsiu Chen.
Tagline by Tom Pryce.
Layout By Wintergatan.
Logo by Sono Design Studio.
Tagline by Tom Pryce.
Design by Davasto89 in collaboration with Wintergatan.
Find out more about Davasto89 on Discord and Instagram.

Top 40 Submissions:

To everyone who submitted designs, regardless if your design is shown here or not, we are so thankful for this creative community, thank you all for your wonderful submissions!