Wintergatan is hiring a COO, Chief Operating Officer, Full Time


I am looking for someone who can act as my right hand, and together with me, make Wintergatan 100x more efficient.


Your exact role would be tailored to you, but one of the most important aspects is that you are plugged in to the Cultural Matrix of our world and feel the macro currents of how value propagates in the digital era. We are transitioning from web 2.0 to web 3.0 and i am looking for a partner who sees this big picture and have ideas about how to operate Wintergatan in this exciting future.


I´ll try to describe this a bit more, I'm looking for someone that...


  • sees how Wintergatan fits into the current digital era of hockey-stick exponential disruptions
  • appreciates that Wintergatan is about creating value for people first, and that all monetizing is a lagging measurement of the value we have created for others
  • sees potential in a Wintergatan Community Blockchain Token
  • agrees that if a picture says more than thousand words, a meme says more than a thousand pictures
  • can execute efficiently and autonomously in multiple disciplines, learns whatever new skills necessary to execute in new areas
  • have the ability to hire and manage an efficient team
  • would love to work with me and Wintergatan


If this sounds like you:

 - Please introduce yourself by sending an email to

 - Describe in your email what projects you believe we should focus on from day one, and how you would design and execute these projects together with me.

 - Include your Salary Expectation


You will receive a confirmation that your email has been received by Team Wintergatan. Every email will be read, by me, or by a member of the existing team. There is no specified timeline to this project, we want to start looking for the right match, and the timeline depends on the outcome of this process.


I want to say thank you to everyone who contacts us regarding this, unfortunately, I will not be able to answer personally to every email.

All best to everyone! / Martin