Angle Grinder / Wilson T-Shirt Design Charter


Dear Designer, thank you for considering submitting your ideas to the Angle Grinder / Wilson t-shirt design project! Please read through this page carefully before submitting and be certain that you agree to the terms and conditions of this project before you begin!

Purpose of this project - why are we reaching out to you?

"For more than two years I have tried on several occasions to make cool t-shirt designs using The Angle Grinder and Wilson. I have failed miserably every single time :). 
It's time to try to solve this problem once and for all, and we are now reaching out to you for help. We would love to see your t-shirt design ideas for either an Angle Grinder t-shirt or a Wilson t-shirt - or both. Looking forward to seeing your designs, Thank you and good luck!"

Project Definition

We are looking for two independent designs:

- One t-shirt with the Angle Grinder.
- One t-shirt with Wilson.

We are looking for interesting design concepts - this means that your submission does not necessarily have to be print ready high resolution files to be interesting to us.

Design Input: Angle Grinder T-Shirt

We wish the angle grinder to look impressive, punchy, powerful and inspiring.

We wish this t-shirt to look so great that people who don't know the Wintergatan Angle Grinder Meme would love it as well.
Text that should be included in the design:

wintergatan            pain is temporary            glory is forever
Wintergatan            Pain is Temporary            Glory is Forever

Text can be both Upper Case, Title Case and/or lower case whatever suits your design. Text can be standalone, as the brand of the angle grinder, as the model of the cutting disc, or any combination of these locations.

All the words do not have to be easily readable - some or all of the texts can be easter eggs inside the design whereas others or all could be readable from some distance.

Design Input Wilson T-Shirt

We wish the Wilson t-shirt to look so great and punchy that people who don't know the Wintergatan Wilson Meme would love it as well. 

The t-shirt can include text but does not have to. Feel free to surprise us here.

You can download Wilson reference files on the free download section of here:

File Delivery Format

We ask you to deliver two types of files:
1. Design Files (All the design visuals)
2. Credit and Contact info (Your Name, Email, Public Credit)
Place all your files into one folder and create a zip-archive of your files. Name your Zip-file with the following naming convention:
If you are submitting designs for both Wilson and Angle Grinder please send us two separate Zip files. Upload your Zip archives here:
The Design files must be still images placed on a placeholder t-shirt so we can see how the print looks in context on a t-shirt. Do not include Photoshop documents or similar - if we want to interact with your design we will reach out and ask for the source files at a later stage.


Designs will be accepted until Wednesday 12th August 4pm CEST.
Delivery confirmation: dropbox file request links always work - once dropbox lets you know your upload has gone through we have received your submission!


Only selected designs will receive communications from us, the final result will be presented publicly in a Wintergatan Video at an unknown date: it might take some time for us to iterate the designs - a time range between weeks and several months is to be expected before final announcement.

Compensation & Disclaimer

We might not find a winning design, but if we have a clear case where one design gets used in the submitted format to print the T-shirts the Designer of that T-shirt will receive a 5% royalty of the sales, the 5% is calculated after Teespring's costs - but before Wintergatan's costs - on the amount received by Wintergatan from Teespring.
The 5% will be payed out yearly.
In case Martin wants to iterate on top of a design or mix ideas from two Designers, the royalties will be split/negotiated with the Designers.
- 5% royalty on Sales after costs
- your Design will be used to print a T-shirt, available for all;
- you will receive 10X copies of your T-shirt in the sizes you specify;
- we will credit you publicly wherever the resulting T-shirt is sold. See more in the next section.
(In Most cases the design credit will be split between you and Martin, especially if Wilson is used since Martin is the designer of Wilson, even though that was an accident. )
- the top ten Designs of each T-shirt will be presented in a Wintergatan Wednesday’s video.

Legal Rights & Copyright

By Submitting your Design you will be granting us a free, worldwide license in perpetuity to use and commercialise your design in combination with any Wintergatan project in general but for printing of T-shirts in particular.
You are also granting us the rights to iterate on top of your Design and possibly combine design elements from different designers into one final design.
We will in return give you design credit including links to you so people can contact you (if you want) wherever the t-shirt is sold. If we have used design elements from several different designers the design credit will be split.

Thank you so much, we are looking forward to your designs!

Chris, Martin, Team Wintergatan