Volume 2: Wintergatan Build Tracks
Volume 2: Wintergatan Build Tracks

Volume 2: Wintergatan Build Tracks

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- Digital Download - 
Music from the Building Marble Machine X Youtube Series, Previously Unreleased.
Lossless WAV audio format.

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If you intend to use these audio tracks for Video and Livestream Background Music, you can get this License To Use Wintergatan Music

Track list:

Version 1.0 Released 6th October 2020:

  • Moon And Star
  • Olivier
  • Music Box, Harp & Hammered Dulcimer
  • Local Cluster
  • Sandviken Stradivarius
  • Prototype
  • All was well (music box and modulin version)
  • Emerson
  • Multiverse
  • Provence (with Intro)
  • Provence (without Intro)
  • Brännö
  • Welding the Steel Frame
  • Music Machine Mondays Theme Song

Added Version 1.1 Released 25th November 2020:

  • It's Been a Journey But We're Now On Our Way

Added Version 1.2 Released 5th February 2021 (reupload 26/04):

  • Cyberbass Song
  • Ondophone Halloween Song